Unit transformation

        The advanced control system is selected and the professional technology is used to revitalize your refrigeration unit. It is more convenient to run the operating system and operation monitoring so that you can know the current status of the unit at any time.

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    Unit type transformation

    The steam-type unit is transformed into a direct-fired unit, the direct-fired unit is transformed into a steam-type unit, the low-pressure steam-type unit is transformed into a hot-water type unit, and the fuel-type unit is transformed into a gas-type unit

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    Upgrade control transformation

    The original and outdated operation control system is upgraded and upgraded to an advanced operation control system, with clearer and more accurate monitoring, more convenient control, and more stable operation.

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    Environmental protection and energy saving transformation

    Through technological transformation, the flue gas emissions of direct-fired lithium bromide units are reduced, so that their nitrogen and oxygen compounds meet national environmental protection standards.