Unit accessories

Quality assurance, professional service

        Warehouse sales are the characteristics of Flier. The company now has well-known domestic and foreign central air-conditioning equipment such as Shuangliang, Jiangsu, Panasonic, Dalian, Changsha, Yantai, Yuanyuan, Trane, York, Carrier, etc. Burners, vacuum pumps, canned pumps, electric two-way valves and other central air-conditioning commonly used parts more than thousands of types.

        The quality of the product requires strict technical testing to make an accurate judgment. The inspectors use professional testing tools to strictly test the lithium bromide refrigeration unit, electric refrigeration unit, burner, and impurity remover to ensure product quality; the company Every inverter, double-seat solenoid valve, electric regulating valve and other products will be strictly tested before leaving the factory.

Palladium tube

Palladium tube heater

Thermocouple, smoke sensor

Thermistor, High-Frequency Sensor

Pressure Sensor

York Pressure Sensor


Temperature Sensor


ACT Steam Electric Valve

Steam control valve


Shielding pump



Vacuum pump