The main unit of central air-conditioning is responsible for cooling and heating. The main unit runs poorly, leading to problems such as weakening the effect, sharply increasing energy consumption and frequent failures. According to the situation, the timely maintenance of the unit can not only ensure that the unit runs well, extend the life of the machine, but also greatly reduce energy consumption.

Vacuum section

Vacuum degree: The vacuum degree of each unit of the unit is tested, qualified, and vacuum maintenance operations are performed;
Palladium tube: airtightness of palladium tube, color inspection, confirmation of electric heater accessories;
Extraction system: check the extraction valve, confirm the ultimate vacuum of the vacuum pump;
Liancheng meter: Liancheng meter shows accuracy and air tightness confirmation.

Working substance part

Refrigerant water: Measurement of refrigerant water density, purification of contaminated refrigerant water;

Solution: Sampling test of lithium bromide solution;

Circulation amount control: high unit temperature, liquid level confirmation of absorber and evaporator

Electrical part

Sensors: temperature monitoring at various points, pressure gauge display calibration;

Inverter: electrical, fan maintenance, dust removal and cleaning, terminal tightening and data confirmation;

Motor to ground insulation test

Control cabinet: control screen display and data setting, component detection and calibration

protective device

Water flow: installation direction and wiring mode inspection and action sensitive verification;

Confirmation of steering of cooling water pump and solution pump;

Fault alarm: fault alarm display check and sensitivity check

Burner maintenance

Combustion chamber: check the fouling in the flue and flue pipe;

Flames, clicks, nozzles, filters: the surface is clean and there is no damage;

Servo and solenoid valve: check whether the action is normal and running;

Press open: confirm the connection of air pressure, oil pressure and wind pressure switch, and tighten;

Maintenance: The burner is clean and dust-free as a whole, all terminals are tightened

Unit commissioning

Performance: cooling and heating conversion;

Verify: verify the boot parameters, determine the hidden dangers of the device, and complete the boot