Lithium bromide unit heat exchanger

        In recent years, Flierr has been continuously introducing advanced manufacturing equipment to meet the needs of different customers in terms of production processes.

       The heat exchanger is one of the important parts of central air-conditioning. Flier has strong professional and technical personnel and professional production equipment, tailor-made central air-conditioning high-temperature heat exchangers, low-temperature heat exchangers, condensate heat recovery devices and other types of heat exchange devices for customers.

Debris remover for lithium bromide

Technology determines the height, the pursuit of endless

Utility model patent (self-cleaning refrigerant device) approved by the State Intellectual Property Patent Office

        This equipment can perform on-line filtration and purification of lithium bromide solution during the operation of the lithium bromide central air conditioner, improving the quality of the lithium bromide solution, extending the service life of the lithium bromide central air conditioner refrigerant, and improving the cooling effect.

Solution returned to factory for regeneration

        The lithium bromide solution is an important factor for the smooth operation of the unit. The quality of the lithium bromide solution directly affects the vacuum degree of the unit, the cooling effect of the unit, and even the energy consumption. Due to the long-term operation of the unit and the influence of the unit's vacuum, and other improper operations will also cause secondary pollution of the solution quality, it is especially important to replace the solution regularly

        In order to realize the recycling and regeneration of resources, the lithium bromide solution can be returned to the factory to remove harmful impurities in the lithium bromide solution, restore the product quality of the lithium bromide solution, and ensure the normal operation of the unit and the service life of the bromine cooler.


        The generator includes customized processing of various generators such as high-temperature regenerator, low-temperature regenerator, and furnace. The customized processing of the generator has provided great convenience for the transformation of the unit to a large extent. On-site measurement and mapping can be achieved through customer requirements. The final customization is completed, which has a crucial impact on restoring the cooling effect of the unit and extending the unit's service life. At the same time, it has laid a solid foundation for the design and processing of later lithium bromide refrigerators.